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General Information:

Pool hours will be determined during the spring season preceding the summer. In general, the pool opens Memorial Day weekend and closes after Labor Day.  Click here for the schedule:  Pool Opening & Hours.

The pool may be closed for inclement weather. The Pool Governor will determine if the pool should remain closed for the entire day. In case of thunder, the pool must be closed for one-half hour ‘thunder-free’ before it can be re-opened.

The main pool is closed when there is a swim meet. Picnic tables are still available for general use.

If you have questions, please email or call the Pool Manager at 201-602-1527.

Very Hot Days:

If there are some exceptionally hot summer days, the pool may be open for night swimming additional hours on weekends at the Pool Manager’s discretion.

If the pool is open for night swimming, anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 21.

Swim Team:

An email notice will be sent to all members with swim team details.   

Regular member swimming will be available during Swim Team practice.  

In June, practices typically begin mid-month and are Monday through Thursday.  There are no Friday practices in June. 

In July, practices are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Meets are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  The season ends with a Round Robin tournament and a Swim Team Banquet the last weekend in July.  

Members who have children participating on the Swim Team and require a non-Kellogg Club member to transport their children to Swim Team practice are required to pre-register their Swim Team Registered Chaperone with the Swim Team.

For more details and information about the Kellogg Club Swim Team, visit our webpage at:  Kellogg Club Swim Team

Swim Team Registered Chaperone:

A Swim Team Registered Chaperone is an adult chaperone who transports a Swim Team Member under the age of 12 years old to/from a Swim Team practice and monitors the children during the practice. Members who have children participating on the Swim Team and require a Swim Team Registered Chaperone are required to pre-register their Swim Team Registered Chaperone with the Swim Team.  

To gain entry to the Pool Area the Swim Team Member and the Registered Chaperone are to sign in with the guard on duty, and if the Registered Chaperone is on the Swim Team Registered Chaperone list, the Chaperone will be admitted free of charge to observe the Swim Team practice up to 15 minutes before and after the practice.  The Swim Team Registered Chaperone free access to the pool area is solely to accommodate transport of children under the age of 12 years old to Swim Team practice.  Members who have Swim Team Registered Chaperones are required to advise the Chaperone of the Kellogg Club Pool Rules and Regulations.

Swim Lessons:

Group and private lessons are available. The Club will provide free swim lessons to member children one to four years old, based on sign-ups and availability.  Private lessons are available.

Each class consists of one 30 minute lesson. 

The 1-2 year old sessions will be a Mommy (or Daddy) and Me Class

The 3-4 year olds might need a parent in the beginning


Lesson                       Time                           Days                            Group Size

1-2 year olds             4:00pm                   Tuesday & Thursday                6

3-4  year olds           4:30pm                   Tuesday & Thursday                6

Group lessons will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  Additional lesson times will be scheduled in order to meet increased demand.  Additional forms are available at the pool.

Please note: private lessons are available by special arrangement with instructors.  Please see the information board at the pool house.  Send an email to for private lessons.

For more details and information about swim lessons, visit our webpage at:  Swim Lessons

Lap swimming:
Lap lanes will be available to individuals 18 and over who are continuously swimming laps.

Lap lanes will be available weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 12:00 – 1:00pm and weekends from 6:30 – 8:00pm upon request, conditions permitting.

Adding additional lap lanes throughout the day will depend on the number of people at the pool that day.

Life Guard Off Duty:

Use of the pool is permitted only when a lifeguard is present.  

When the lifeguard goes off duty, the pool is closed and everyone must leave the pool area.

Parking and Driveway Use:

Parking for the pool is on the street only. Should you need to bring a vehicle to the rear of the pool to transport a handicapped member or guest, call in advance and speak to a lifeguard. Driveway use is limited to tenants and managers, unless cleared in advance.  

When authorized to use the driveway, please enter via the club driveway and exit via the laneway alongside the pool.

Signing In:

Members and their guest must sign in at the front gate when entering the pool grounds.  Members must be in good standing to use the pool & patio areas.  Members are required to enter through the front gate, unless cleared by the Pool Manager.

Pool Furniture:

There is no reserving of pool furniture.  Placing towels on multiple loungers and chairs is prohibited.

Pool Safety:

Children must be 12 years of age or older to be at the pool unattended.

Running or horseplay is not allowed in the pool area. Pushing another person into the pool is dangerous and not permitted.

Roughness, rudeness, foul language, and similar misbehavior are not permitted.

Diving is not permitted in the shallow end of the pool or from the lifeguard stand.

Back diving is not permitted from the diving board or the side of the pool.

Any persons having a communicable disease, open blisters or cuts, sores or inflamed eyes, ears, nose or mouth infections, excessive sunburn or any type of skin disease will be excluded from the pool area. No person wearing any type of bandage, cast or Band-Aids shall be permitted in the pool.

All bathers must wear bathing suits in the pool. Cutoffs will not be allowed as proper attire for bathing.

No changing of diapers on the pool grounds.  A changing station is available in the pool house between the bathrooms.

No Water Guns!

No pets are allowed in the pool area.

Ball throwing is permitted on designated grass areas, when done in a safe manner and is permitted at the discretion of the lifeguards.

No smoking or vaping is permitted on pool grounds.

The lifeguards are responsible for member safety at the pool and enforcing pool rules.  Members should follow their direction.  Please do not distract lifeguards when they are on duty in lifeguard chairs.  If the lifeguard’s instruction is not followed, or if a member swims without a guard present, pool privileges will be suspended as follows:

1st violation: the member or guest will be asked to leave the pool area for one hour

2nd violation: the member or guest will be asked to leave the pool area for 24 hours.

3rd violation: the member or guest will lose swimming privileges for one week.

4th violation: the member or guest will forfeit swimming privileges for the remainder of the summer.

Pool privileges will be reviewed by Pool Manager after 1st violation.  The Pool Committee will be notified if further violations occur.  

Children under 12:

Children under 12 must be accompanied to the pool by a member, 14 years of age or older, who is in immediate supervision of the child.

Children under 12 must pass their “Deep Water Test” which is administered by the Pool Staff/Guards.  The test requires children to be able to swim the width of pool back and forth, without assistance and tread water for 60 seconds.   This is a requirement to be able to swim in the large pool without an adult.
  Children swimming with flotation in the pool should have an adult in the water or at the edge.

The wading pool is for children under 6 or for those who cannot swim. Children using the wading pool must be supervised by an adult member.  Such supervision is being in the water or sitting on the edge of the pool.

Children 6 and under must be accompanied to the bathhouse.

Swimming and Pool Accessories:

Balls, floats or other objects are only permitted in the pool at the lifeguard’s discretion when the pool is not crowded.

Masks, snorkels and fins are permitted if the lifeguard is satisfied that the user can operate them.

Parents or guardians should ensure that pool accessories are removed from the pool area after use and stored appropriately.


The playground area is enclosed within the pool grounds.  The playground is to be utilized by children only.  Parents, Chaperones, Nannies or Babysitters are responsible for directly supervising their children while on the playground at all times.  No glass containers are allowed in the playground.  Please notify the Pool Manager if there are any equipment or conduct issues on the premises.

Full-time Nannies and Babysitters and Extended-Stay Relations:

An extended stay relation fee is $190. The nanny/full-time babysitter fee is $190. They must sign in with a lifeguard every day. The nanny/full-time babysitter must be in the water at the shallow end with a non-swimming child, or at the edge of the wading pool. Children must be supervised at all times.


Members are to sign in their guests with the guard on duty. Guest names must be provided. Children under the age of 3 are admitted free of charge when accompanied by a member.

At the time of entry, members should present their guest pass or pay the required fee. There are no exceptions to this rule. The only method of payment is check or prepaid guest pass.

Members, who wish to bring more than 6 guests on a given day, must notify the Pool Manager, via email at one week in advance (see parties). No more than 5 guests per membership are permitted on a given weekend or holiday without advance notice to the Pool Manager.

Guest fees: Weekday/Weekend: $6 per person (discount available for a book of 10 passes)

No individual may be a guest at the Club more than 5 times per season.

Members may purchase guest passes in advance by sending the appropriate form and fee to the Kellogg Club. Guest passes may be carried over to the following season.

Guest passes can be purchased at the pool clubhouse. See the Pool Manager or email at

No guest passes may be used for ‘special events’ such as July 4th party. Guest fees on the event notice or invite apply at those times.


A member that wants to bring in more than 6 guests for a ‘pool party’ should contact the Pool Manager via email at ‘Pool parties’ are generally intended for children, not adults.

Parties are not permitted on Saturday or Sunday to avoid overcrowding situations.   

Parties should be no longer than 3 hours in duration. The ending time of the party shall be at the discretion of the Pool Manager – subject to other Club functions.

No more than 20 total guests (children and chaperones) are permitted at a ‘pool party’.

The Pool Manager must approve the party date and time to ensure proper guard coverage and to identify potential conflicts with swim meets, lessons, club events, etc.

The ‘party-giver’ should give the Pool Manager one week’s notice.

One chaperone will be required for every three children under the age of ten. One chaperone will be required for every five children age ten or older.

Party Fees:

There will be a fee for an additional lifeguard required ($60 per lifeguard) depending on the number of individuals attending. The Pool Manager will make this determination and convey it to the party-giver.

Child guests and chaperones will be charged $6 (no guest passes allowed). Refunds will be allowed only in the case of inclement weather. Should a guest not show, the party-giver may request a ‘Club guest-pass’ to be used at a future date.

After approval by the Pool Manager, send a letter and check (written out to the Kellogg Club) to Pool Party c/o Kellogg Club 25 Colles Ave., Morristown, NJ 07960 showing the party-giver’s name, phone number, the date and time of the party, the number of children and their names and the chaperones’ names. A letter and check can also be hand-delivered to the Pool Manager.

The sign-in guard will use this letter on the day of the party to allow ‘party-goers’ access to the pool. If a name does not appear on this list, a guest fee will be charged at the gate.

Food and Drink:

    • Members must be 21 years of age or older to drink alcoholic beverages on pool grounds, in accordance with New Jersey State Laws.
    • NO GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND IS PERMITTED ON THE POOL DECK.  Broken glass on the pool deck could result in closure of the pool for an extended period.
    • Alcoholic beverages are only allowed on the pool deck if they are poured into a discrete paper, plastic or metal cup.
  • FOOD
    • Food is permitted on the grass and the brick terrace, or grill area above the pool.
    • The grills are provided for your comfort and enjoyment. Please keep the grills and grill area clean. Please place empty propane tanks in the spot noted so that they can be refilled. Please notify the Pool Manager if there is a problem with the equipment.
    • Each member must dispose of his or her own trash in the appropriate marked garbage cans, in accordance with Morristown Ordinances.


The bathhouse is provided for your comfort and convenience. Everyone is expected to keep the bathhouse neat and clean. Rooms marked for Guards only are off limits to the general membership and their guests.   A changing table is centrally located in the hallway between the bathrooms.  Children 6 and under must be accompanied to the bathhouse.


There is a telephone located at the bathhouse. The telephone is to be used for emergencies and to take incoming calls. The lifeguards will answer incoming calls when it does not interfere with their guard duties. Outgoing calls can be made on that phone with the permission of the guard on duty or the Pool Manager. Only local calls can be made with the pool phone. Please limit these calls to brief, necessary calls.

There will be an answering machine at the pool that has a recorded message indicating the status of the pool, swim lessons, and swim team practices. When possible, a lifeguard or Pool Manager will answer the phone.

Electronic Devices:

The pool area is an area for recreation and to provide a place for social enjoyment for Kellogg Club members and their guests. It is not an area for members or guests to be conducting business. In order to provide a safe recreational environment while at the pool the use of electronic devices is discouraged.

Speaking on cell phones on the pool deck is not encouraged and extended cell phone conversations must be held off of the pool deck and away from other members.

Use of computers and other electronic devices is discouraged throughout the pool deck and grounds.  Use of computers and other electronic devices on the tables located within the pool area is not encouraged and when necessary tables outside the pool area should be used.   Picnic tables are designated for dining only.  The picnic tables are not to be utilized as a workstation.  Electronic devices with speakers must be muted and may only be used with headphones at low volumes which cannot be heard by other patrons of the pool.

The Kellogg Club is not responsible for any damages and / or loss of electronic devices.

Ping Pong & Bocce:

The Ping Pong Table and Bocce are available for members to enjoy in the East Garden.  Members are required to sign out the equipment through the Pool Manager.  Children under 12 are to be supervised by an adult when playing either.  Please have consideration of noise to surrounding neighbors when playing.  All equipment must be returned upon conclusion of using it so other members can take advantage of these.  

Pool Grievances:

The Kellogg Club has established a Pool Committee to handle concerns from our members.

Members can make a formal inquiry through or a written inquiry can be accepted by the Pool Manager and they will relay it directly to the committee.

Pool Committee members should not be contacted directly or approached poolside with issues.

All issues and inquiries are kept confidential and will be recorded by the Pool Committee. 

All will be interpreted by the committee in a timely fashion to ensure the members concerns are addressed.  

The Pool Committee will recommend and review a course of action to the President / Vice 
President of the club.  The President / Vice president will contact the individual or group regarding incident or nature of concern.

The Kellogg Club
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