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2018 Swim Team Season

With 72 swimmers, some as young as 6 years of age, Kellogg was the first runner-up for the Dual Meet season and finished a very close second in the Round Robin tournament.  Perhaps of more importance than our success in the pool, our coaches delivered on the team’s goal of creating a fun and inviting learning environment, along with a positive team experience, for each of our swimmers.  Within the brief season, every one of the kids benefitted in so many ways; new friendships were made, good swimmers became better swimmers, and confidence and self-esteem grew.
In Kellogg fashion, we celebrated our achievements early and often.  Swimmers and their families enjoyed a midseason Swim Team Spirit Dinner, as well as our season-ending celebration at the Swim Team Banquet.  The Banquet honors team members for their participation, dedication and effort.  Apprentice-Coaches also create and distribute our traditional and highly personalized “Paper Plate Awards” to each team member!   The culmination of the Banquet and the season itself is the presentation of the KLAW Award.   This highest honor celebrates the swimmers who best exemplify our most revered qualities; Kindness, Leadership, Attitude and Wisdom. 

This year the award was fittingly and permanently renamed as The Hedda Sivertsson Memorial KLAW Award.  Missy Archuleta presented this re-dedication and spoke to Hedda’s embodiment of the character and qualities to which we most aspire.  We were honored to have Camilla, Per and Elva Sivertsson in attendance to share in this celebration of Hedda’s spirit that will now be a permanent source of pride and inspiration for the team.  This year’s deserving KLAW award winners were Ella Sparacino and Nate Creamer.
Lastly, it is so important to mention that we could not have had such an amazing season without our parent volunteers.  We are a volunteer club and the swim team is one of the aspects of Kellogg that most requires and benefits from our collaborative contributions.  Thank you all for your efforts throughout the season! 
Looking forward to next year’s 2019 SWIM SEASON, as we will be hosting Round Robin!  GO KELLOGG!!

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